Connect, Learn & Socialize

We regularly meet as a social and educational group. Sometimes we meet to expand our minds with new ideas, and sometimes we meet just to socialize. We welcome seekers, guests and prospective members as well as your feedback. All of our events are listed on our event list on Meetup.

We are a community of non-believers. We invite all Humanists and Humanist-friendly people to participate with us, including atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other freethinkers. Socials

We meet on the second Thursday of the month at a pub or bar. No topic, no presentation, just friends meeting to catch up and chat. Check our event list on Meetup. Monthly Presentations

We meet monthly at the Murdoch Travel office at 7pm on the last Tuesday of the month. Here, we discuss interesting ideas, often with presenters coming to speak to the group. Humanists love science and philosophy. Our meetings tend to include learning about science, talking about ethics, listening to charities and policy groups. We enjoy learning new things and trying to figure out how to make the world a better place. We pause presentations in July, August and December, and instead schedule pub nights, picnics and potlucks.

Before each meeting at 5 PM we meet at St. Louis Bar & Grill (Duckworth) for dinner. Often our guest speaker attends. It's just an excuse to socialize before the presentation.

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